CERN70 event

  • Exploring farther: machines for new knowledge

    Exploring farther: machines for new knowledge

    Over the past century, physics has unveiled the fundamental laws of nature and traced the Universe’s evolution back to the Big Bang. Yet, many mysteries remain, and numerous secrets are still hidden within the cosmos. At this sixth and final public event in the series celebrating CERN’s 70th anniversary, we will explore the future of…

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  • The case of the (still) mysterious Universe

    The case of the (still) mysterious Universe

    Over the past 100 years, physics has advanced our understanding of nature to an unimaginable degree. The fundamental laws governing many of the building blocks of the Universe have been discovered, and the evolution of the Universe can be traced back 13.8 billion years to almost the beginning: the Big Bang. Physicists have built laboratories…

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  • An extraordinary human endeavour

    An extraordinary human endeavour

    CERN is a pioneer in making science, technology and know-how freely available to the world. Knowledge sharing – one of the core values enshrined in CERN’s founding convention – underpins its mission to support open science. A brilliant example of this is the World Wide Web, invented at CERN for the benefit of society at large. At this event,…

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  • The Virtuous Circle of Knowledge and Innovation

    The Virtuous Circle of Knowledge and Innovation

    From Particle Physics to New Technology and Back Join us for a captivating evening at CERN’s third public event celebrating our 70th anniversary. Discover the dynamic relationship between particle physics research and technological innovation. Advanced Particle Accelerators: discover how the technology behind particle accelerators extends far beyond research labs, influencing sectors like healthcare, energy and…

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  • From particle physics to medicine

    From particle physics to medicine

    As part of the celebrations for CERN’s 70th anniversary, this event offered a unique opportunity to explore the various applications of particle physics instruments and tools in hospitals and medical research. Medical doctors, biologists and physicists guided the public on a captivating journey, providing insights into the future of therapy and imaging.  The event covered…

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  • Unveiling the Universe

    Unveiling the Universe

    Celebrations began with Unveiling the Universe, an event combining science, art and culture in CERN Science Gateway on 30 January. As part of the celebrations for CERN’s 70th anniversary, the Unveiling the Universe event was a unique meeting of art and science, looking back at CERN’s 70 years of scientific discoveries and looking ahead to the mysteries…

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