Over the past century, physics has unveiled the fundamental laws of nature and traced the Universe’s evolution back to the Big Bang. Yet, many mysteries remain, and numerous secrets are still hidden within the cosmos.

At this sixth and final public event in the series celebrating CERN’s 70th anniversary, we will explore the future of particle physics and the cutting-edge instruments set to revolutionise our understanding of the Universe’s most profound mysteries.

Renowned specialists guided you through the current limitations and breakthroughs in technology in three insightful parts:

  • Advanced particle beam accelerators: discover how new accelerators achieving unprecedented energies and collision rates will open new frontiers in particle physics.
  • Enhanced detectors: learn about the bigger, faster, and more sensitive detectors needed to capture rare phenomena and minute details.
  • Intelligent computing systems: explore the revolutionary computing infrastructures, powered by AI and novel technologies, essential for processing and analysing vast amounts of data.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to gain insights into the principles behind these innovations and the challenges they aim to overcome. Join us for an inspiring and profoundly educational event.

Opening video

Event recording

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