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CERN at 70

This year holds special significance for CERN as the Organization celebrates its 70th anniversary on 29 September 2024.

Inspiring the Future

This year holds special significance for CERN as the Organization celebrates its 70th anniversary on 29 September 2024

CERN at 70
Inspiring the Future

This year holds special significance for CERN as the Organization celebrates its 70th anniversary on 29 September 2024

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About CERN

CERN was established after the Second World War by a handful of Europe’s leading scientists and diplomats with a mission to bring excellence in scientific research back to Europe and foster peaceful collaboration among nations. Today, CERN has 23 Member States, ten Associate Member States, and a vibrant community of 17 thousand people, representing more than 110 nationalities. With many mysteries of the fundamental nature of the Universe still to be unravelled, CERN is preparing to continue this inspiring journey of exploration.

Upcoming events

Join us this year as we celebrate our glorious past and shape a bright future for CERN.

  • 24 May /24
    8:00 – 20:00 (Europe/Vienna)

    Lange Nacht des Forschung in Vienna



  • 27 May /24
    8:00 (Europe/Zurich)
    ENDS: 27 Jun /24 18:00

    * For CERN Personnel only * CERN 70th Anniversary Table Tennis Tournament

      The CERN Table Tennis Club is happy to celebrate CERN’s 70th anniversary by organizing a new special tournament, on CERN premises. Since 2014, thanks to the strong support of the CERN Staff Association, the Club made significant progress, as we now have 6 tables installed, 4 on the Meyrin site and 2 on the Prevessin site. Therefore, we will be able to play matches on 6 tables on two CERN sites. We take this opportunity to remind everyone that each year in August, the Club organizes a CERN championship at the Meyrin CTT, which saw the number of inscriptions reach record levels of 70 in 2022 and 2023. CERN is represented in official table tennis competitions in Switzerland, at all levels. Regular trainings by professional coaches are organized for free, for all members, during the table tennis season, from September to June. Table tennis training camps (stages) for children and adults are also organized during school holidays, including during the summer, in collaboration with the Meyrin CTT. CERN Table Tennis Club Web page: http://cern.ch/club-TableTennis   ——————————————————————   CERN 70th Anniversary Table Tennis Tournament Organization   RULES This special tournament, to celebrate CERN’s 70th anniversary, is open to all people working at CERN and their families. Matches are to be played on tables installed at the various CERN cafeterias. Matches are to be played to the best of 5 sets (this means that you have to win 3 sets to win the match). Game rules are the usual international TT rules: Sets are played up to 11 points, or more, if a difference of two points is not reached. The server alternates every two points. The first player to serve is designated by a pick of hand with the ball under the table or the toss of a coin. The player who served in second in the first set, will serve first in the next set, and so on. In case of questions concerning the rules, you may contact any member of the Organizing Committee.   INSCRIPTIONS Register here. A 10 CHF registration fee will be collected prior to the event, or transfer to the Club UBS account (CERN Table Tennis Club: UBS IBAN: CH13 0027 9279 1359 6940 Q), or by cash to the Treasurer Bugra.Bilin@cern.ch). Registration will be effective only after payment of the fee. Registration deadline: May 25, 2024, midnight, or when a number of 128 participants is reached. In case the number of people registered exceeds 128, we will organize a qualifying round, as is done in Gran Slam tournaments in tennis. Level: Indicate your table tennis approximate level, among: total beginner, occasional player, regular player. This information is only required to avoid that the a priori strongest players meet in the initial rounds. Official rankings, when available, will be used to select the seeds. Draws will be carried out as usual on a random basis, on May 26, 2024. The tournament starts on May 27, 2024 and ends on Thursday June 27, 2024, with final matches and an official prize ceremony. Matches are to be organized by the two players supposed to meet. This is why we need to have emails and/or cell phone numbers, so that players can make an appointment with their opponent. Matches must be played anytime before the round deadline imposed by the organizers in the overall schedule. In case a given match did not take place before the deadline, the winner will be designated by a draw. Results of matches have to be communicated to the organizers by email to:cern-tt-committee   SCHEDULE     There is no strict constraints on when matches can be played, except for the deadline given by the organizers. However, it would be best if, as many matches as possible, could take place around lunch time, to have spectators. Players are free to play any time and at any place convenient to them, except for the semi-finals and the final, which will have to be played at R1 on June 27. Prize ceremony June 27, Main CERN Cafeteria (R1) 18:00 Semi-finals, final and match for 3rd place: June 27, Main Cafeteria 16:30 Quarter finals: June 25 to 26 Round of 16: June 21 to 24 Round of 32: June 15 to 20 Round of 64: June 7 to 14 Round of 128 or qualifying round if needed: May 27 to June 6   PRIZES     A “Prix Souvenir” will be offered to each participant. Special prizes will reward the Winner (cup + prize), the Finalist, (prize) the Third and Fourth players (prize). We will ask a CERN personality to give out prizes to laureates, in a short informal prize ceremony, at the CERN Restaurant # 1, on June 27, starting at 18:00.  


  • 28 May /24
    9:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
    ENDS: 29 May /24 18:30

    CERN – Ukraine 2024: “Past – Present – Future” Conference, Kyiv Ukraine, May 28-29, 2024

    This event will be organized in a framework of the CERN’s 70th Celebration Programme, highlighting CERN achievements over the past years, addressing future projects at CERN and worldwide, as well as contributions of Ukrainian scientists to these endeavors. Abstract submission is open till 22 April 2024 at 23:59 (Europe/Kyiv). Registration is open till 8 May 2024 at 23:59 (Europe/Kyiv).
  • 01 Jun /24
    8:00 (Europe/Zurich)
    ENDS: 14 Jun /24 18:00

    CERN travelling exhibition


  • 03 Jun /24
    8:00 (Europe/Lisbon)
    ENDS: 06 Jun /24 18:00

    Public sessions – title to be confirmed

    Lisboa, Coimbra, Braga

  • 05 Jun /24
    9:00 – 17:30 (Europe/Riga)

    Launch of Latvia CERN/CMS Tier-2 computing site in Riga Technical University

    Technical Unversity, Riga

  • 06 Jun /24
    14:00 – 17:00 (Europe/Prague)

    CERN Education Programmes and the CERN Science Gateway

    Public lecture for teachers and students given by Dr. Sascha Schmeling with following discussion,  info and registration at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSduslN0Sivv92nSLYmBpxhMHVTswGZtMgVVOhPd62VoPMZQMg/viewform

    N1 | Prague

  • 06 Jun /24
    20:00 – 21:30 (Europe/Zurich)

    CERN70 public event: The case of the (still) mysterious Universe

      This year holds special significance for CERN, which celebrates its 70th anniversary on 29 September 2024. This landmark year honours CERN’s remarkable contributions to scientific knowledge, technological innovation, and international collaboration in the field of particle physics. A variety of events and activities, culminating in an official high-level ceremony on 1 October, will showcase the Laboratory’s rich past and its forward-looking vision.  Join us to discover spectacular scientific adventures organised for CERN’s 70th anniversary.  Full details will be published three weeks prior to this event on the CERN70 website, when registration opens.     Public event | Free entrance | Registration mandatory | In English with French simultaneous interpretationOuvert à tous | Gratuit | Inscription obligatoire | Evénement en anglais avec interprétation simultanée en français Press and journalists who wish to attend are invited to contact press@cern.ch to request accreditation. | Les journalistes souhaitant s’inscrire sont invités à demander une accréditation au Service de presse du CERN : press@cern.ch    

    Science Gateway Auditorium A (81/R-003A) | CERN

CERN’s 70-year history is rich in ground-breaking achievements both in physics and technology. During the celebrations, we will release multiple videos that will take you on this journey with us.


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