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CERN at 70

This year holds special significance for CERN as the Organization celebrates its 70th anniversary on 29 September 2024.

Inspiring the Future

This year holds special significance for CERN as the Organization celebrates its 70th anniversary on 29 September 2024

CERN at 70
Inspiring the Future

This year holds special significance for CERN as the Organization celebrates its 70th anniversary on 29 September 2024

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About CERN

CERN was established after the Second World War by a handful of Europe’s leading scientists and diplomats with a mission to bring excellence in scientific research back to Europe and foster peaceful collaboration among nations. Today, CERN has 23 Member States, ten Associate Member States, and a vibrant community of 17 thousand people, representing more than 110 nationalities. With many mysteries of the fundamental nature of the Universe still to be unravelled, CERN is preparing to continue this inspiring journey of exploration.

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Upcoming events

Join us this year as we celebrate our glorious past and shape a bright future for CERN.

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  • 20 Jul /24

    CERN Exhibition

      Full details available on CERN70PL    

    Gdańsk, Poland

  • 10 Aug /24

    Physics for All

    (America/Sao Paulo)

    São Paulo

  • 19 Aug /24

    CERN70 – School on LHC Physics, NCP Islamabad


  • 22 Aug /24

    School of Science and Technology

    The school can offer up to 15-20 research themes for many research areas for high-school students. The CERN@70 inserted activities include particle physics theoretical presentations + practical work ( 4h/day), summing up a period of 2 weeks. The lectures will explain basic facts about CERN experiments and high energy physics. Two Romanian affiliated CERN groups (LHCb and ALICE) will work masterclass-like exercises to cover the practical issues, and conduct research-type activities with the students. Visits in laboratories and small on-site experiments will also be possible.


  • 01 Sep /24

    Concert: Schöpfung – Fragmente

    Performance of fragments of the opera “Schöpfung (Creation)” by German composer Gloria Bruni. “Creation” deals with the question of the beginning and the infinity of existence – from a scientific, religious and musical perspective. Orchestra: Hamburger Symphoniker; Choir: Berliner Vokalconsort and a choir of physicists from the DESY research centre. Introductory words by Beate Heinemann.   Aufführung von Fragmenten der Oper “Schöpfung” von Komponistin Gloria Bruni. “Schöpfung” setzt sich mit der nach dem Anfang und der Unendlichkeit des Seins auseinander – aus wissenschaftlicher, religiöser und musikalischer Sicht. Orchester: Hamburger Symphoniker; Chor: Berliner Vokalconsort und ein Chor aus Physikerinnen und Physikern des Forschungszentrums DESY. Einleitende Worte von Wissenschaftsdirektorin Beate Heinemann. Ticket information available soon


  • 02 Sep /24

    CERN70 and Germany – Past-Present-Future

    The official celebrations for CERN’s 70th birthday in Germany featuring public evening events, the official ceremony as well as an exhibition and workshops.  Von Montag 2. bis Mittwoch 4.9.: Hands-on-Experimente rund um physikalische Konzepte mit pädagogischer Anleitung (auch für Schulklassen), eine interaktive CERN-Ausstellung und am Dienstag als Highlight der aufblasbare Zeitreisetunnel “Urknall unterwegs”!  Die Ausstellung ist an allen drei Veranstaltungstagen geöffnet. Die permanente Ausstellung des Futuriums ist am Dienstag geschlossen.  cern70.de  

    Futurium, Berlin

  • 02 Sep /24

    CERN stories

    How does it feel to be a PhD student and witness a scientific revolution – the discovery of a new particle? What is the Higgs boson? How does international cooperation work on a day-to-day basis? What is the point of all this expensive particle smashing? We invite you to a chat show by and with people who work or have worked at CERN. Anecdotes, memories and perspectives in a relaxed atmosphere, with the opportunity to chat with the guests afterwards. (in German) Wie fühlt es sich an, als Doktorand bei einer wissenschaftlichen Revolution dabei zu sein – der Entdeckung eines neuen Teilchens? Was hat es mit diesem Higgs-Teilchen auf sich? Wie funktioniert die internationale Kooperstion auf Arbeitsebene? Was bringt uns eigentlich diese ganze teure Teilchenknallerei? Wir laden ein zum Talkabend von und mit Menschen, die am CERN arbeiten oder gearbeitet haben. Anekdoten, Erinnerungen und Ausblicke in lockerer Runde, mit der Möglichkeit, hinterher mit den Talkgästen zu plaudern. Mehr Info auf cern70.de


    Futurium Berlin

  • 03 Sep /24

    Official ceremony CERN 70 in Germany / Offizieller Festakt

    The official ceremony for CERN’s 70th birthday in Germany for invited guests in Futurium Berlin. Der offizielle Festakt zu CERNs 70. Geburtstag im Futurium Berlin für geladene Gäste.



CERN’s 70-year history is rich in ground-breaking achievements both in physics and technology. During the celebrations, we will release multiple videos that will take you on this journey with us.

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Coming together to celebrate CERN70

By Luciano MusaLuciano Musa is coordinator of the CERN 70th anniversary activities This year has seen a wealth of activities for CERN’s 70th anniversary. More is to still to come,…

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