Science for All

CERN’s founding Convention recognised the important role that the Laboratory could play in training Europe’s scientists and engineers. It offers a unique environment for training – a rich and stimulating melting pot of people and ideas giving young people an exceptional opportunity to hone their communication and analytical skills.

As a world-class accelerator laboratory, CERN draws upon a vast spectrum of engineering disciplines, which is reflected in its recruitment and training initiatives. Students and young professionals specialising in applied physics, engineering, and computing have the chance to gain invaluable on-the-job experience at CERN, while technicians receive training in state-of-the-art technological fields. CERN’s extensive range of training programmes and fellowships consistently attract brilliant young minds. Most of these bright individuals, having been immersed in an international high-tech setting, often pursue successful careers within industry and other areas, where their CERN experience is highly valued.

Beyond this, CERN’s commitment to education and outreach extends to learners of all ages. Each year, the Laboratory welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors. CERN offers immersive programmes for high-school teachers and a summer student programme, enriching the educational journey of students at various stages of their academic pursuits. For seasoned professionals, CERN organises world-renowned schools focusing on particle physics, computing, and accelerator science.

CERN Science Gateway, inaugurated in October 2023, is a symbol of CERN’s commitment to opening its doors to the outside world, promoting scientific education and careers, while at the same time embodying the values of sustainability and innovation.

In alignment with our educational commitment, CERN embraces the principles of open science, recognising it as a cornerstone of its mission. Open Science at CERN represents a dynamic fusion of policies, initiatives, services, and technological solutions. It is the product of collaborative efforts by individuals across the Organization, all driven by a shared vision to drive the worldwide impact of research undertaken at CERN. This ecosystem not only facilitates transparency and inclusivity in research but ensures that the fruits of CERN’s scientific endeavours are accessible to all and contribute to the global scientific community and to society.

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